Unexpected Outages

Missed weeknotes again last week, this time because I was ill. I'd had some scheduled medical tests and all was fine, then managed to get sick. I'd figured it was a side effect of going back on one of the medicines I take but it got worse until, wow, I actually fainted. I'd often wondered what it was like to faint, how much awareness you had that it was about to happen, what it was like to wake up from, and I can say none to the first question and fucking confusing to the second. I might have banged my head when I fell so we had a visit from the ambulance too, I got checked out and everything there was fine. It took a while to recover from the bug I'd had though. Bleh. Being ill is rubbish.

It feels like everything else took a back seat to that. We went on some walks since I wasn't allowed to do any weightlifting, and I got to see a new (to me) bit of the coastal path near us. It's lovely round here.

I've been doing some sketches and ideas for Inktober. I wanted to do a story that connects the prompts with a consistent character (or characters) so it all ties together. It's difficult to do (but fun) and I've got an outline that's more like a story told by an excitable and forgetful child than a definite story arc but sod it, it's going to be interesting to draw. I've some travelling to do and a few hospital visits in October so I'm allowing myself flexibility on when I actually upload the drawings, but I will do all 31 in October.