Week 20

Week 20

The München 1972 Rebooted Kickstarter might, just might, succeed.

I've been trying to write up this whole thing on design patterns and also the renovation stuff

I've also been framing pictures. So satisfying to finally get prints out of tubes and onto the wall, a few I've had for nearly 10 years and was worried were just going to be institutionalised tube dwellers after all that time.

I got a footstool that matches the chair I've got. The eBay seller said "You'll probably want to re-upholster it". Nope!

Sorting out packaging materials for recycling. Right now it looks like the Winter of Discontent by our bins. If you don't have a car, you often need to order online for delivery, and that involves packaging. Tons of packaging. Honestly, it's a bit much.