Apples & Pears

I’ve still not planted the apple and pear trees, so I took them out of their wrappings to give the, some air, then noticed the labels were on the bags they were in. Oops. Oh well, I’ll know what they are when they fruit.

The place I got them from gave 50 (count em!) daffodil bulbs and they’d started to sprout. So in they went, with my super strong new trowel. We have extremely dense loam soil and I’ve snapped garden tools before because of it. Anyway, I got to the end and noticed my hand was sore. I managed to rub the skin off my palm with the trowel handle. What an idiot. It’s quite sore.

The Rose cuttings I took gave now sprouted leaves! Yay!

I moved the bird feeder near the house, and it’s fascinating watching the birds on them. The one closest to my window doesn’t get visited as often as it’s mostly buried in honeysuckle. That gets the small birds though. The other one gets jackdaws, blackbirds and the first squirrel I’ve seen since moving here. There were loads in Brighton, I’d wondered if there even were any here. That answers that.