A load of daffodils I planted a few weeks ago have come up. I love daffodils. There’s a painting I’ve been planning of daffodils for a while but I never get around to it.

On that note I’ve done more on my ‘months’ project. I got February done on the 1st of March, I’m almost done with the March one today, the Ides of March. Now, hopefully I can get April done before the end of this month.

I planned out where all the frames are to go on the wall, and I’m going to hang them whether there’s anything ready to go in them or not.

I bought some brass hanging chains for the frames, but the only ones I could find that were suitable were bright and shiny. Right now they’re sat in a pot of vinegar which is supposed to tarnish brass, and it’s not working at all. Ho hum.

Part of a project at work involves interviewing parents about their kids’ education. At the start of the week the virus of doom didn’t really come up, by the middle of the week there was exasperation about it, and the end of the week genuine concern. It’s been quite a week.

Seeing adverts on regular TV feels strange, like they’re from another era, all talking about a world that doesn’t exist. What do you mean go into a bed shop and try out beds by lying on them? That’s insane, how do you know who’s touched that bed? Did they wash their hands? Have you disinfected it? Once we’re through all this (if we ever are) I hope we don’t ever have to shake hands or do that cheek-kissing thing ever again. Seriously, with the kissing, are you fucking insane? Even without the infection risk what about consent, personal space?