I wrote quite a bit for some posts and didn't finish them or publish them. Partly it's because I've got a new project and wanted to do that. It's the pic above. I bought some blingy gold frames to go on the wall of my workroom and want to fill them with stuff I've made. I've already made one thing out of ribbon in a really large frame, and for the small oval frame I want a depiction of the current month (in Welsh) with seasonally-appropriate flowers. It's been really fiddly to paint, but I just got February done today, on the first of March. Onwards!

I did a "Welsh in a Week" course which covers in one week the first five weeks of the 'usual' course. It was, as described, intensive and I lost my voice by the end of the second day so had to miss day three. I felt so rough. I realised I spoke more in the first two days than I would normally in a month. I did the final two days though and feel like I got a lot of value from it. Just having an idea of the basic structure of the language really helps. I'm not someone who learns languages 'grammar first', I have to have some working examples to play with first and not many courses give you that.