Forest Garden Planning

I bought some fruit trees for the garden. The long term goal for the garden is to turn it into a forest garden, so, one with multiple layers of growth from high (trees) to medium (shrubs) to low (ground cover) corresponding to layers in a forest. The fruit trees are dwarf ones so would count as shrubs I guess. We also want a no-dig garden, so I'm gradually getting rid of the lawn with mulch to give more varieties of other plants a chance to succeed. This year I'm going to try growing more veg outside the greenhouse and see what does well round here.

We had to cut back the plum tree a couple of years ago and it's starting to grow back (now free of its fungal infection) and the trauma of being cut back has forced the roots to send up suckers (this is why pollarding street trees can backfire). So we have the Victoria Plum growing well along with a line of suckers of whatever the rootstock is. They're tall and don't branch much so I'm going to use them as growing canes for tomatoes and maybe beans.

I've a load of wildflower seeds to put in, so I'll do that soon. I'm going to get some strawberries and dot them around. People tell us "No! They grow everywhere, like weeds!". I can't think of a better weed to have in a garden than something that gives you strawberries.