Bulk Buy

I seem to have gone crazy buying things lately. Massive 5 litre refills of handwash, same amount for fabric conditioner, 20 litres (!) of white vinegar (hey it was on discount) for cleaning and a huge bag of laundry powder. It's all part of the general attempt to reduce the amount of plastic in what we get. The stuff still arrives in plastic but it's a single huge bottle rather than, say, 20 small ones (often with dispensing nozzles). It’d be nice to have a refill place nearby for this stuff. There’s one for foodstuffs like flour and pasta in Carmarthen but we rely entirely on public transport so that limits the amounts we can realistically get from there.

I’ve been looking at pictures of cloisters on and off all week. I want a cloister. I’d just sit in it and enjoy the quiet. Apart from the religious aspect there’s something incredibly appealing about monasteries as places. I really couldn’t handle the religion at all, but a quiet place away from the world to get on with making stuff or learning seems wonderful.

Another Kickstarter project I backed delivered the goods this week. It’s the Hardcover one, with lots of porno art covering a wide (ahem) range of interests. Most of it not my thing but it's all good healthy fun.