I did Inktober! It was good! I actually enjoyed it and I think I've learned and improved my drawing skills. A while back I did a version of Aesop's The Hare and The Tortoise fable but wasn't satisfied with how it came out. The individual drawings and layouts I liked but I don't think the whole thing came together as a thing and it also took far too long to do. Too much detail, see. I feel like with Inktober because of the time pressure you're forced to drop a lot of unimportant stuff. I still managed to put a lot of detail in even so, so something to work on still.

I got those new shiny earphones because of course I did. But noise cancelling omg, so good. I've been put on a new medicine. The specialist rang to tell me, and said "Now, before you go googling that…" explained about the side effects. Fun times. Drag Race UK continues and I've got quite into it. It's interesting seeing how the editing is setting some of them up for situations so it's fun when your hunch turns out to be correct.