Four Quarter Moons

Four pictures of the moon, all taken around one in the afternoon today. I experimented with different things to try to bring out the detail as the moon in full daylight is a composition in blue pastel.

The last picture is an unaltered one straight from the camera - I used a Nikon p900 for these, I am so tempted to get the p1000 for the extra zoomyness.

This was the clearest. I used iPadOS built in tools first, adjusting contrast and brightness, then took it into Pixelmator and used its ML adjust then mucked about with saturation and curves.

This time I used Pixelmator ML, curves, saturation and tint first, then iPadOS tools. I used some of the noise reduction too. If the first one is the clearest, I think this one is the most attractive. It was a blue sky, I like that the blue is still there.

This I just used curves in Pixelmator, moving the dark node to the leftmost bit of the histogram, the light node to the right most and left a straight line between. Basically "auto levels" in Photoshop! I like how it looks like a 19th Century daguerreotype that's been colourised. It's much more painterly.

And that's how they looked in their unaltered glory. Pastel!