Sound The Trumpets

Sound The Trumpets

Another project done, and a whole bunch of photos collected and ready to be put together into a post about it all. I don’t want to forget anything I did, and looking at the photos I almost had forgotten some important bits. I’ve ended up using my photo library as a crutch for my memory, something I worry about but also feel glad about. Photos are easy to browse, memories aren’t.

I just watched a video someone made of them singing about how “the normies are making stuff now” and so people like him (presumably a Cool Creative Person?) should stop. Is that me? Am I a normie suddenly making things due to lockdown? What’s a normie? Who appointed this guy with the deliberately-badly-sung song to be the gatekeeper on who makes things, and why does he think it’s a zero-sum game anyway? So fuck you Mr Singing Video Guy. Anyway, I can’t be a normie, loads of people have told me I’m not normal. So there.

And halfway through writing that Kirby decided to erase everything I wrote. It does that. I don’t know why. It’s another technology thing that I can’t be arsed about now, so I’m writing in Notes and I’ll paste it in. Shrug.

I’m really quite angry at the state of the world with all the right wing types rampaging over everything and fucking everything up, but it feels like a lot of people just seem fine about it. It’s hard to tell. The cruel, mean, vicious people are in the ascendant and the ‘opposition’ are being mealy-mouthed and acting like there’s some kind of compromise on fascism and ’guys, guys just be civil ok?’

Fuck. That.

The whole thing needs a lot of distraction at the moment. I bought some Dremel wood carving bits and discovered the shaft bit fits in Lego minifig hands. That’s nice. As for wood carving… well, I’ve a way to go on that.

Chop chop.