Sound the Trumpets

Another project done, and a whole bunch of photos collected and ready to be put together into a post about it all. I don’t want to forget anything I did, and looking at the photos I almost had forgotten some important bits. I’ve ended up using my photo library as a crutch for my memory, something I worry about but also feel glad about. Photos are easy to browse, memories aren’t.

I just watched a video someone made of them singing about how “the normies are making stuff now” and so people like him (presumably a Cool Creative Person?) should stop. Is that me? Am I a normie suddenly making things due to lockdown? What’s a normie? Who appointed this guy with the deliberately-badly-sung song to be the gatekeeper on who makes things, and why does he think it’s a zero-sum game anyway? So fuck you Mr Singing Video Guy. Anyway, I can’t be a normie, loads of people have told me I’m not normal. So there.

And halfway through writing that Kirby decided to erase everything I wrote. It does that. I don’t know why. It’s another technology thing that I can’t be arsed about now, so I’m writing in Notes and I’ll paste it in. Shrug.

The whole thing needs a lot of distraction at the moment. I bought some Dremel wood carving bits and discovered the shaft bit fits in Lego minifig hands. That’s nice. As for wood carving… well, I’ve a way to go on that.