All of it

All of it

What’s new in Notes, what’s new in Miro, what’s new in Sketch, what’s new in Abstract, what’s new in Safari, what’s new in Mac OS, what’s new in this, what’s new in that, what’s new in the other, Safari needs to quit to update this thing, the software update will be auto-installed and click click click don’t show again, OK, continue, OK I’m good, thanks for telling me, continue again, go away shut up get out of my face just let me get on with it.

Things that should be amazing, a new phone, boy how expensive is this thing, a shiny decadent bauble of the end of the world, it should sing with all the convenience and power to justify itself and instead it takes a week to update my photos because it’s too keen to ‘save battery power’ and won’t do any updating unless it’s connected to a charger and moans at me about every damn setting and app I want to use. What is this thing even for? It’d keep the battery 100% charged if it just turned itself off, so why doesn’t it do that? Why not end all phone calls after 2 seconds to ‘save battery power’, or turn the screen off entirely and make you guess what it would be showing you? (Now that it’s settled the fuck down it’s joyful but christ what happened to the ‘first use experience’?)

The Wacom that only works with outdated drivers because the new drivers that should work with the new version of Mac OS… don’t.

Yay technology. We turned our tools into things to moan and gripe and whine at us. So keen to tell us what’s new, how it’s keeping us up to date, keeping us safe, to save battery, to save postage, to save this or the other you question whether it’s worth trying to get anything done.

I sound old and I feel old with all this. I’ve been in this business for decades. I can see how it’s turned out like this, the good intentions of helpful messages, supportive algorithms, all the cleverness has led us to the gates of this particular hell.

The temptation to run for the hills and live a low tech existence itself feels tired and… dammit for all the shit, all the nagging and all the crap, I really like the camera on this thing.

Click publish Safari needs to close to upd… fuck off