Week 27

I said I wanted to do these as a cartoon, so here goes. Kind of a hybrid.

I got an espresso machine

It's ace. I was so tempted by the bells and whistles ones that can make 20 varieties of coffee while dancing a jig and singing songs, but went for the more basic one in the end. I don't drink milk so all that extra stuff wouldn't get used. (But! Touchscreens! Bells! Whistles! No.) It's a proper bean-to-cup one and my usual beans (Foundation Blend from Union Roasted) work a treat in it.

Never heard of Paris Combo before, but now I can't stop listening to them

So good. I've also started using an external speaker in my office (hey I got all that soundproofing, why not?) and it's been quite a revelation. My ears will thank me for not blasting them with headphones.

The lawn must go. Ordering a bunch of plants and bits of paving for the front garden.

It's never easy though. So many deliveries and the estimated dates are all so scattered about. Also, expensive. "These paving slabs are only a few quid. Oh wait, I need 20 of them…" So yeah, hopefully it'll all arrive OK.

I also bought houseplants

Speaking of "all arriving OK" I bought 5 houseplants from a company I'd been recommended. The delivery was in four boxes, and it all arrived on different days after each one got misdirected by the naming-no-names courier. Not naming the company I bought the plants off either, as they were really uppity about finding out where the missing deliveries had got to. They started to suggest I phone the courier to find out. Ha. No. You picked the shitty courier, you chase them. I also had a problem with the boxes themselves, which I moaned about here.

Long train journeys while tired are hard

I don't sleep too well when I have to travel, but going to bed early generally evens it out. But this time I had cramp in my leg all bloody night. Coffee got me through the day OK and then I slept for 12 solid hours. Bliss.