Week 45

Week 45

Good things that happened this week

I try to make sure that even when bad things happen I pay attention to the good things. It's hard sometimes. Your coping mechanisms may be different, but this works for me:

  • My husband, my home, my colleagues, work I enjoy and time I get to spend doing my own things
  • Venting a bit on this site. I did a slight rant about Brexit and I've made the graphic into a wallpaper.
  • Being able to mute some things on Twitter
  • Rearranging the workroom has reminded me of some amazing books I have
  • The British Rail Corporate Identity Manual reprint from Kickstarter arrived, and it's gorgeous (I want framed prints of many pages)
  • Foundation blend coffee from Union Roasted

Not so good things that happened

  • Yeah, that. The US election.
  • More of that: seeing so many people I care about genuinely fearful for their safety, for their future in their own country
  • That gurning prick Farage with Arsegas in front of those gold doors. Anti-establishment my arse.