So many weeks, so many updates. One of the main things about doing this was to just keep track of life as it happens - not give too much detail, but enough to spark the memories so at least I feel like time isn't just going by unnoticed.

And of course I can't remember anything much that happened.

Except! I take lots of photos.

I got a new regime of medicines, which it turns out I should have been on years ago. So I'm more mobile and in less pain and get to go out more, so all good.

I built quite a few lego sets I've bought over the years and planned to build some day when I had my workroom sorted (it is, so yay)

We went to visit family up north for my Dad's birthday. We visited Lancaster Castle which was a prison while I was growing up so I never got to see inside, not being of the criminal mindset and all that (or being eligible for jury duty).

My Dad and me. Roughly four decades between those photos.

Our neighbour grows amazing tomatoes and she's been incredibly generous with them. They're delicious.

Train journeys can get pretty tedious, especially when things don't go quite right, but it means I get to take more photos when I get there. So that's good.

I've been making myself spend time drawing. It is a pleasure once I get going, but like a lot of things it's the decision to actually start doing something that takes effort. That anxiety thing again.

Related to that, I've started doing Inktober, which I'll make a post of at the end of the month, but for now it's just on Instagram.

I have also been taking selfies while on my travels. Hotels have big mirrors and seem to invite the vanity. I also take photos showing how tired I am for the early train I get. There should be a type of train in between a regular one and a sleeper service, so you can take a nap comfortably.