A garden safari and a trip down the beach. The weather is getting properly autumnal and I am sad about that, though fruit in the garden is nice.

A rock, looking blue against the sand
Another rock looking blue against the sand

I like how just a bit of contrast adjustment really brings out the blue in the rocks. It's visible to the eye but the camera makes things a bit greyer.

Fruit ripening in the garden. I didn't think I had many grapes this year until I looked under a few leaves. Lots!

No doubts about the number of pears though. I'm going to make a serious attempt to ripen them this year. If they don't then I'll adapt an apple cake recipe I have.

Seagull floating on the wind

We went down the beach and it was windy. The birds seem to enjoy it when it's windy, they hover in places then do some really big swoops and loops.